Indianapolis Interest Gauged In Hosting 2024 Olympics

The United States Olympic Committee has sent letters to nearly three dozen cities, including Indianapolis, in an effort to measure interest in hosting the 2024 summer games. NBC Sports reports the requirements include 45,000 hotel rooms, public transit and a work force of more than 200,000 people. Other … Read More

Bre Robinson, left, and Kendra Miller pose at the Olympic Swimming Time Trials village held in Omaha, NE. Robinson swam in the 200-meter backstroke on Saturday, finishing 150th overall with a time of 2:21.23. (Photo provided by Julie Robinson)

Robinson Does Not Qualify, Still Realizes Dream

The long adds proved accurate in Omaha. Stacked against 19 heats of swimmers with the same dream, North Webster’s Breanna Robinson could not find the magic time at the Olympic Time Trials swimming the 200-meter backstroke. Robinson, who qualified in March for the Trials, swam in the second … Read More

WHS sophomore Bre Robinson will swim this Saturday at the Olympic Time Trials in Omaha in the 200-meter backstroke with a spot in the London Olympics on the line. (Photo by Mike Deak)

Olympic Dreams Emanating From Home

The term ‘Olympic Dream’ is often tossed around every four years as athletes from around the world make their bids to redefine greatness. While the ‘Olympic Dream’ is a real long shot, a Wawasee High School sophomore is still afforded a chance to turn ‘dream’ into ‘reality’. Breanna … Read More