KC Democrats Want Nisly to Debate


by John Bonitati Kosciusko County Democratic Chairman Candidate David Kolbe has called for a debate in the Indiana District 22 House race. The independent candidate, Michael Stinfer quickly agreed to debate. Curt Nisly, the extremist nominee called debates a “distraction” and declared they are not part of his … Read More

Stinfer Seeks To Bring Parties Together

Dear Editor: Michael Stinfer is a registered Republican running as an Independent candidate for State House of Representatives District 22. Michael Stinfer is not your typical politician, and this may not be a typical race for the District 22 State seat. Stinfer is a 15-year combat veteran tired … Read More

Kolbe Vows To Favor Democracy And The Common Good

Dear Editor: I am a candidate for the Indiana House of Representatives, District 22. I take this opportunity to offer a vision for a better political course in our state, and our nation. Polarization and partisanship have overtaken politics. It is not only evident in political parties, but … Read More

Kosciusko Kettleheads Say Thank You


The Kosciusko Kettleheads Homebrew Club would like to thank the patrons that attended the fourth annual Homebrew Tasting at Cerulean Restaurant June 28. We were able to raise over $5000 that we donated to Combined Community Services. A large part of our expenses were defrayed by the generosity … Read More

Response To Fussle’s Public Comments

Dear Editor, In response to Mr. Fussle’s public comments of June 23, 2014: The unpleasant reality of life, government and economics is that we are all subject to someone else. We all must endure taxes, adjust to inflation and do the best we can with what we have. … Read More

Who Wants To Pay More Taxes?

Who wants to pay more taxes?! (silence.) Ok, more taxes for everyone! That was last night’s Times Union lead story. It wasn’t worded that way, it said “there were no public comments” and so the County Commissioners increased your property taxes to the maximum rate to generate money … Read More

Leesburg Memorial Day Committee Extends Gratitude

Dear Editor, The Leesburg community honored those who have served in the military with a Memorial Day parade and service. Thomas Moore welcomed all to Leesburg. The Boy Scouts raised the flag, followed by Martin Becker playing “To the Colors.” The Pledge of Allegiance was followed by Brad … Read More

FOP Recaps Golf Outing Fundraiser

Dear Editor, The Kosciusko County FOP Lodge 149 would like to sincerely thank all the sponsors and individuals that participated in our annual scholarship golf outing.  Excellent weather and great people came together for a fun-filled day that included Kosciusko County Sheriff’s Department Reserve Deputy Jon Popenfoose obtaining … Read More